Give BIG Seattle

DONATE MAY 10th to empower youth to access the recreation  and resources to achieve their optimal potential -- in education and life.

This year marked SOS’ 18th season in the Pacific Northwest, and what a truly great winter it turned out to be! 

  • Over 300 underserved youth participated in 50 ride days at 7 mountain resorts: Summit at Snoqualmie, Mt. Hood Meadows, White Pass, Mt. Baker, Mt. Bachelor, Mission Ridge, and Mt. Spokane
  • We partnered with 29 youth agencies and schools throughout Washington and Oregon, and with the support of 82 Youth Agency Coordinators and Chaperones, we helped identify youth who need us most; 64.21% of youth identified as an ethnic minority and 40.83% of youth are from households with one adult or less
  • 146 volunteers and sherpas contributed 4,380+ hours to support our programs
  • Our University Program youth participated in 5 community service projects; at Northwest Harvest, youth and their sherpas helped pack over 4,154 meals, and at the Rainier Valley Food Bank youth packed bulk food which contributes to feeding over 20,000+ individuals per month in the Rainier Valley


During our programs, we not only teach youth how snowboard or ski, but we teach them how to build values and how to transfer them into other aspects of their lives. One of our Summit at Snoqualmie youth participants highlights this best: 

“A time that I used wisdom was a few weeks ago when I went snowboarding and there was a barrier/fence right out in the open. Every time I went down the little hill/slope, I would end up crashing into the fence. My instructor, Bradley, told me I should ignore the barrier and focus/look at my destination, which was the Magic Carpet. I listened to his advice and focused more on my destination instead of the fence, and his advice really helped. I use this advice to help me in life because there may be distractions, and if you let them distract then (metaphorically) you will end up crashing into the fence. But if you focus on your destination (whatever that might be) and ignore the distractions you have, you will achieve your goal by reaching your destination.”

Thank you to all who contribute to our programs, through your time and generous donations. Each youth SOS is able to serve contributes to healthy and successful lives and more vibrant communities we all share.