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Youth holding certificates at SOS Outreach Graduation

Graduation Celebrations!

As we wrap up our 25th season, we celebrate the culmination of our mentoring programs with graduation ceremonies across our locations. With family, friends, mentors, and community members in the audience, this spring we recognize over 850 participants across locations and the outstanding accomplishments they’ve achieved this season. We are so inspired by the growth and dedication to the core values that we have seen out of these youth. Eagle County student speaker, Alexis, gave the perfect words of wisdom to all of the graduates, 

“To the mentor program students who are graduating, I promise that you will have an awesome time working as a Junior Mentor. The leadership skills that you will learn there will help you all throughout the rest of your high school career, and hopefully your life as well. To the current Junior Mentors, it was a pleasure to work with all of you. Keep working hard in school and in SOS. You may not realize it now, but SOS will open many doors and provide plenty of opportunities for your future.”