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Meet Isabella a youth who participates in SOS Outreach

Participant Spotlight: Meet Isabella

Meet North Lake Tahoe Junior Mentor, Isabella! Now in ninth grade, Isabella has been in SOS for seven years and is in her second year of being a junior mentor to younger participants. While an injury has prevented her from being on snow this season, her mentorship role has continued nonetheless. Every ride day Isabella helps adult mentors and kids organize for the day and leads the group discussion around the SOS core values.

Every year, each junior mentor selects one of our eight life skills to focus on, and Isabella has chosen to focus on empathy and to complete ‘10 Acts of Kindness’ in her community throughout the season. On being involved with SOS as a junior mentor, Isabella said her passion is “helping out the kids in [her] community and giving back to the program.” She also applies the core values taught by SOS in her daily life sharing, “I constantly find myself using integrity – it helps guide me in doing the right thing. I also apply discipline, and I think it helps me remain dedicated to my growth and maturity as a leader.” Thank you for helping youth like Isabella learn the importance of our core values courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and humility as they grow into the next generation of community leaders.